This blog is about animation in the beauty of images, flash, clip art.  Bigverities will show you the magic of animation along with some very entertaining sites made with animation for your enjoyment. In dedication to some true heroes.  On this blog you can learn how to make your own animation stories.

Animation is a form of art and is a great way of bringing your website to life.  Animation is a great story teller for all ages.  It can get your business or personal message across. A blog is very useful to show your work.

A blog gets more indexed than any other websites.  In fact, we recommend making your website on a blog platform.

Have Your Website Done Without The Hassle!  By Bigverities. 

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animated graphics

Hi, my name is Liz at bigverities I can make your website come to life.  We are website builders, we build from themes for the small and start-up business. We build great looking and responsive websites that are easy for you to operate and upgrade, easy website experience for your clients and customers. We can build it for you at a low price. We love to build websites in the personality of the client and their business. We also build e-commerce stores, booking websites, family, church, sports and much more, you think it we build it.

You can call or just fill out our questionnaire.  Arrangements will be made for your copyright images and contents so that we can build your dream website. It may be arranged for bigverities to take images and videos for you. We can also make your digital banners. So lets talk and succeed in making your website dream come true or just for banners, images, videos, let’s do business!! I can customize banners and videos for your website.  

Charges as follows:

2 page website 150.00.

4 page website 200.00.

6 page website 300.00.

Additional pages just 25.00 each.

1 lead page 100.00 plus autoresponder time.

Bonus: Your websites are Keyword and search engine optimize, (SEO) and submitted to Google and Bing.  Includes three (3) revisions within the first thirty (30) days of your website created by bigverities.

These are the basic steps we take.

Step 1. To discuss the purpose of your website, audience, features you want and parcel payment.

Step 2. Several themes will be presented to you in accordance to the design you want for your business or personal website.

Step 3. Website building commence.

Step 4. Testing website.

Step 5. A final meet for any last minute changes.

Preview live Demos.

Demo 1    (Cafe Restaurant)

Demo 2    (Animation Store)

Demo 3    (Clothes & Accessories)

Demo 4   (Real estate)   

Preview websites created by bigverities.





http://bigverities.com  (two sites in one in html)


Preview: Graphic designs.

Preview: Text designs.

Preview: Website banners.

Preview: Logo samples. 

Before and After Edit Image Samples

Video Samples

Bigverities is not responsible for your copyright graphics (images) or videos and contents added to your website, it’s your own decision on what you add to your site.   You are solely responsible for the copyrights on your website.

I can advise what will be right for your website, but at the end you make the final decision. Whatever you decide good luck on your journey.  



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 Thank you for considering Bigverities for your website needs.

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