How To Make Animations With Public Domain Materials (Part 2)

6.  Is a little different with 8 frames and if you notice I left an extra one out of the animation, the larger bottom image set in the middle.  This is what the 8 frames can do, but why not make it look a little more realistic by adding the extra 9th image that does not have the ship will give it a disappear look into the dark night.

SpaceAnimated1 1



I did not add the 9th to show the ship disappearing because I just made the 9th and the frame was not the same size as the other 8 frames and when one of the frames are not the right size it will make the animation image move in and out.  This happens because strangely google draw does not show the size of the image so if you don’t make the frames at the same time in google draw your frames can come out different sizes. Will have updates to that effect.  On another post I will make a different ship scene with the ship disappearing.






NEXT: You’ll sort of want to comply your images in order. Yet, by doing this it’s similar to bunches of paper moving one behind the other like this picture. You’ll need to utilize this free source to comply your images click here.

I want to show you 1 more in step by step really quick from beginning to end. 

This is the image I used from the public domain, got it from this website page,


1.  Make a duplicate copy of the image and crop 1 of the copies, you’re going to crop the cart coaster of people only so that you can add the movements to the other duplicate copy after you erase the cart coaster of people.

Will look like these 2 images.

2.  I uploaded to this site, and transparent it in several places (this editor, Luna Pic does not transparent lines so for that you need an editor that erase lines like windows paint (if still in use) I use sketchpad in google chrome.

3. Erase the extra lines, add or paint lines needed that may have dissolved while transparent or erasing. (These are my drawing/image with precision and order that were compiled)

4. Make your precision drawn images of movement in order, that will be compiled.

5. Compile it with this public free source, ( you will have to learn a trick or two, to use the GIF correctly.

6. If needed slow down the speed of your animation by, uploading again to Lunapic or before animated it with the GIF compiler duplicate your drawing/image and then compile, that will slow down the speed of your animation.

Here is the finish animation in real fast and fast mods. Notice in my precision of drawing/image I like to make the coaster cart go off the tracks, not that I would be brave to go on a roller coaster that jumps the track. One more thing, you can add extra I added grass.

That’s it, now go crazy with your animation!

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We have a few resources in the public domain for you,  our public domain free e-course “THE DEPTH’S & TREASURES OF PUBLIC DOMAIN:”  click here.

Our free no restriction animations.

If you can’t find a suitable editor you may want to check out some free one’s here,

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Changing the subject.


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